Sell Your Home

Selling Your Home

The Real Estate Company that you choose makes all the difference in whether your property sells or not. Please take a minute to read the following and you will see all of the benefits that Harbour Bay Homes offers to you.

Our Staff

Harbour Bay Homes has chosen an elite group of professionals, each excelling within their area of expertise. They work exclusively for Harbour Bay Homes and you. Your interests become our interests in order to sell your home quickly, with the least amount of hassle for you. Our staff is available seven days a week and can answer your questions or contact your agent immediately via cell phone.


Harbour Bay Homes Advertises your home in Local publications as well as on the Internet via the Multiple listing Service (MLS).  Your property is marketed as well with brochures, flyers, signage and more.   Harbour Bay Homes will design a feature sheet that will include a color photograph of your home, amenities and a floor plan for agents and buyers that view your home. Our brochure boxes are tended to on a regular basis to ensure that they are never empty!

Selling your home is a huge decision. Harbour Bay Homes hopes that this information will prove helpful when selecting the right company to sell your home.

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